World's first crypto tracker based on data that matters - not just marketcap.

BullishDips aims to place each crypto into tiers, each with its own placement from points it has earned based on factual, proven data such as; company strength, partnerships, funding, social media, technology, customers and use-case to name a few.

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Welcome to BullishDips!

A holistic 'proven' data collection on crypto currencies.

BullishDips obtains data from a collaboration of sources, the collection of data provides a clear picture of the digital asset's future, its market and its standing within the industry.

A few of our diversified ranking signals are:

  • Company Strength: board member eduction & experience, number of developers, internet signals.
  • Transparency Strength: tokenomics, funding amount, number of customers and number of partnerships.
  • Product: technology adoption, blockchain development, speed & power analysis, utility and use-case.
About BullishDips - proven data collection on crypto currencies
Ranking Signal

Process & Methodology

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Gathering Data

Data is gathered not only from the corporate site(s), but as well as respected 3rd party platforms.

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Points Tally

Answering and processing 100 ranking signals provides a crypto currency's total score.

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Auto Tier

Points are algorithmic and the application responds automatically, placing the digital asset in a specific tier with its placement.

The impact of Investor Data

Recognizing large investment firms on a given digital asset is important because it shows that the crypto project has garnered enough attention to have reputable people and firms behind it.


Knowing Customers & Industries

Having great customers is a clear indication of a digital assets future. Not only does it help it flourish and prosper but also places the crypto currency on a vertical trajectory.


The impact of Partnerships

Having the right partnership can lead to working with bigger and brighter entities across the world. A great partnership could mean the digital asset will have access to new products, new markets and increase customer loyalty and brand awarness.

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Tracking Vested Countries

Today, BullishDips has tracked and databased over 225+ countries outlook, intention and progress of their own Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Some have already begun testing their digital coins and many countries are currently working with top crypto firms to develop their solutions. By 2030, according to forcasts, 5-10 countries will have a full implemented CBDC - according to the data gathered, that is a very conservative estimate.

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Transparent Progress

When a crypto currency (digital asset) is in the process of being rated - we make all current findings available to you in realtime.

Company 100%
Transparency 74%
Product 100%
Social Media 77%
Market 100%
Country 95%
Total Ranking Signals 86%

3691 +

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Total Country Data

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Total Partnerships Recorded

66 +

Total Customers Recorded

Work Board

Open Source Data

Security and Intelligence

Open Source Data Expansion & Development

OSD & SAP White Paper

Mindset Development

OSD & SAP White Paper Amendments

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Migrating to IPFS

Team & Advisors

Roberto Gaona Founder/Owner, Developer

Roberto Gaona

Founder/Owner, Developer


There are many advisors who helped BullishDips get to this point. Unfortunetly at this time, I cannot devulge that information.